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Learn how to create beautiful portfolio pages that elevate your work and help it go viral, so that potential clients and customers can see it, with our complete "Power Portfolio System".

You'll get a set of training videos + 60 pre-made graphic elements and templates that you can use to professionally mock-up your work in minutes. 

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Essential Coloring Techniques

The color foundation you need to succeed as an illustrator, period!

In this course's 15 video lessons, I'll show you how to transform your black and white illustrations into colorful, saturated masterpieces.

No more muddy colors or having to repaint anything, no matter how far along you are in your painting.

Here's what's inside:

  • 6 essential color blending modes​ - The are the cornerstone of any professional colorizing process.
  • ​The exact step-by-step process to colorize a grayscale image - no more muddy, desaturated looking paintings!
  • How to color correct your painting at any stage of your process without having to paint over your work, like MAGIC!
  • How to add glowing effects that will take your illustration from "just ok" to "Wow!".
  • ​How to use color textures to create realistic effects - these are the final touches that really up-level your artwork.

and much more…

Includes downloadable exercises, brushes, and tools to help you get started with your practicing right away.

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