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The Advanced Hair Techniques Masterclass

Learn how to paint beautiful, realistic hairstyles for your portraits and characters.

This masterclass teaches you a clear and easy step-by-step process that you can follow to paint any hairstyle with professional-looking results.

Here's what's inside:

  • The invisible structure every haircut has. You’ll learn the foundational skills needed to create volume and realism in your hairstyle.
  • How to paint different types of hair, from stylized to realistic looks, giving you the freedom to paint in your own style.
  • The powerful technique all your favorite artists use to create realistic-looking, stunning hairstyles.
  • How to create hyper-realistic macro details, pushing your work to the next level and making you excited to show it to the world.
  • How to paint different hairstyles, from soft and flowy to complex and curly.
  • Putting it all together with a complete, step-by-step walkthrough, so you won’t be left wondering ‘What exactly did he do right there?’

Each step comes with downloadable exercises to help you master it all faster.

I promise this course will save you countless hours of struggling by yourself and will improve your digital painting skills once you've finished it.

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