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Dream of working as a professional artist or illustrator?

Learn how to create beautiful portfolio pages that elevate your work and help it go viral, so that potential clients and customers can see it, with our complete "Power Portfolio System".

You'll get a set of training videos + 60 pre-made graphic elements and templates that you can use to professionally mock-up your work in minutes. 

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Going Pro

Are you ready to earn an income with your artwork as a professional artist?

This masterclass takes you from dreaming about it to making it your reality!

Learning skills like lighting, coloring, and anatomy are very important to level up as an artist, but alone they won't help you find work. 

You'll need to learn how to build a powerful portfolio, find your ideal clients, ask for the right price for your work, create legal contracts, get paid, and more. And that's what Going Pro is all about!

As a professional artist myself, I've made the mistakes and learned the lessons, so you don't have to!  In this course, I'll be teaching you:

  • How to sell yourself as a hirable artist to clients who fit your particular style, without sounding like a car salesman. Includes tips for impressing potential clients and networking like a pro.
  • What you must have in a professional portfolio, with actionable quick steps to start building yours. We cover the best platforms, the power of mockups, and how to present your work.
  • What dealing with clients is really like. After the initial elation of getting your first client, you may be overwhelmed with questions. I'll prepare you for what's next.
  • How much you should charge, and how to collect your first commission. We'll cover contract work, work-for-hire scenarios, negotiating rates and pay, and getting paid on time.
  • The business side, including the nitty-gritty details of working as a professional artist (taxes, contracts, pay, invoicing, and more). With Mike "Daarken" Lim.

We'll also cover how to handle tricky situations that professionals may fall into, so you're prepared. For example:

  • Dealing with revisions
  • Cancellations and Kill-Fees
  • Legal permissions & releases
  • What to do if your client doesn't pay you

There's a whole lot more in this course waiting for you.  You're ready!  Can't wait to get started.

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