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These collections of our most popular courses are laser-focused on helping you quickly improve specific skills.

Portrait Artist Bundle

Our best courses to take your portraits to the next level. Do you dream of becoming a professional portrait artist, but struggle with anatomy, skin texture, and hair? With over 80+ step-by-step video lessons, the Portrait Artist Bundle will help you reach your full potential- we guarantee it!

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Secrets of Colors Bundle

Do you struggle with colors? Wish your characters and portrait skin texture looked more realistic? In this bundle, you'll find a collection of tutorials made to give you control of your colors. Create awesome color harmony and much more. Unlock the secrets of colors and transform your illustrations.

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Kick-Start Bundle

Are you a beginner digital artist with big dreams? Wish you could have a professional foundation to create gorgeous paintings? Then this bundle has been created for you. With its 4 essential modules about sketching, rendering, and coloring, you're guaranteed to see progress in your learnings.

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Each Paintable masterclass includes clear step-by-step videos and downloadable exercises so you can apply what you're learning right away.

Advanced Hair Techniques

Take your digital portraits to the next level with hairstyles that look realistic and touchable. This 20+ video masterclass walks you through a clear process that you can follow to paint any hairstyle with professional-looking results, from soft and flowy to complex and curly. 

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Essential Coloring

Transform your black and white illustration into a colorful, vibrant masterpiece! In this course, we'll add saturated, harmonious colors to your artwork, clean up muddy colors to reveal bright, fresh ones, and add glowing light and special effects to bring on the WOW factor.

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Advanced Rendering

Learn how to render a realistic, beautiful portrait with this professional step-by-step process. We'll cover local values, shadows, lighting, and adjusting proportions. Add realistic skin texture, gorgeous hair details, and mesmerizing eyes and lips. Plus: pro tips on making your artwork unique!

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Awesome Anatomy

Creating a realistic portrait begins with and good understanding the anatomy of the human head! This 20+ video course walks you through how to study and paint lips, eyes, noses, ears, and necks so your portraits look more beautifully human. Plus: A tool to help you visualize anatomy in 3D.

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Ultimate Clothing Guide

Dress your characters and portraits with stylish clothes, fabric, and folds that look nearly touchable. In this guide, we'll cover how to sketch draped fabric and realistically render clothing folds from any light direction, whether your subject is sitting still or actively in motion.

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Going Pro

Are you ready to earn an income with your artwork as a professional artist? This masterclass takes you from dreaming about it to making it your reality! You'll learn how to build a powerful portfolio, find your ideal clients, ask for the right price for your work, create legal contracts, get paid, and more.

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Sketching Techniques

Sketching with a tablet can be tricky! In this course, I'll be teaching you my best tips & techniques that will have you drawing clean linework in perfect proportion for your portrait, characters, and more. Includes exercises and a walkthrough so you can see the whole process put together.

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Essential Rendering

Getting started with rendering is really exciting- you'll learn how to give form to all sorts of objects, characters, and even landscapes! From blending smooth values and colors, to adding just enough texture for realism, these are techniques you'll use your whole artistic career.

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Making Your First marks

Learn the key techniques to help you begin creating awesome illustrations and digital paintings, even if you're just starting out.
This fun course introduces you to the foundational tools every digital artist uses to create their projects, and you'll learn when and how to use them.

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Digital Painting Bootcamp

Perfect for beginners, the Digital Painting Bootcamp teaches you the 5 foundational steps to create realistic objects. You'll learn how to sketching in proportion, choosing the perfect colors, and use your brushes and tools like a pro.

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Digital Painting Academy

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Whether you're a beginner getting started or a seasoned artist ready to go pro, the Digital Painting Academy is everything you need to up-level your digital art skills.

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  • 300+ step-by-step video lessons organized into clear learning paths, across a HUGE range of digital painting topics!
  • Monthly Live Q&A sessions with an experienced professional artist
  • Downloadable exercises in every course to put into practice what you learn right away
  • Supportive private community of other passionate digital artists like you, so you get support and feedback any time, day or night
  • PLUS exclusive discounts and bonus tools and resources only available to members
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